Stop consuming food, invest in it

If you bought a car and then realised it had thirty percent less horsepower than an older version but was being sold as though it were the same model, wouldn’t you be annoyed? That’s essentially what’s happening when you buy mass-produced food today. Did you know the nutrients of mass-market tomatoes (which, for all intents […]

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A few months ago, my friend Michael and I co-founded Snact. That’s a portmanteau word for Snack and Act. What’s the ethos behind it? Making healthy snacks to tackle environmental and social challenges. It won’t come as a surprise that our current food system is wasteful. Globally, the figure is staggering: roughly one third of […]

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Lessons from a food waste entrepreneur

About 15 million tonnes of the food we grow in the UK ends up in landfill and anaerobic digestors, or – less often – being converted into animal feed. It was this uncomfortable truth that prompted my friend Michael Minch-Dixon and me to co-found Snact last year, turning some of that surplus into healthy fruit jerky snacks – or ‘snacts’. In our […]

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The Fruit Snack Adventures

I’ve mentioned previously that I’m starting a business with a friend to reduce food waste. We’re going to make snacks from fruit (or veg, but starting with fruit) that would otherwise be thrown away. Since my last update, we’ve started experimenting with the concept and “getting our hands dirty” so to speak. An initial run […]

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