Food Fighters Unite!

Today is World Environment Day (WED). It happens every year on June 5. I can’t say I’ve ever been particularly engrossed by global days that celebrate a particular thing but today’s WED theme caught my eye… Think. Eat. Save. In essence, this year’s WED wants to encourage people to think before they eat to help […]

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Net Positive is here! Use with caution

Net+ is a relatively simple concept: it’s the idea of achieving positive impact, rather than decreasing negative ones. So for example, in Kingfisher’s case, it means actively pursuing net reforestation rather than just trying to prevent deforestation. It’s been described as the next logical step in sustainability (read more in this Forum for the Future […]

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Generation Y to the rescue?

Last week, I attended my first Green Monday. GMs “pour les intimes” (as we say in French) is a monthly event where sustainability folk from big corporations come together to discuss business & sustainability related topics. This month’s session focused on The Age of Trust – a particularly poignant theme which seems to come up […]

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Attention – there is a disease spreading throughout society. It is highly contagious and potentially virulent. Initial symptoms resemble Tourette’s, except the outbursts are manifested in indiscriminate and uncontrolled use of phrases such as “public trust is at an all time low”, “rebuilding public trust” and “public trust has been broken”. Lazy journalists, opportunistic politicians […]